Event Venue

The Event site is located on a large field next to Burmese Buddhist Temple at Mahet Road. It is only 3 minutes walk from the Jetavana Vihara.
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Event site area size measurement:

Width :  approx. 150m
Length :  approx. 130m
Total Area :  approx. 19500m2
Coordinates: : Latitude: 27°30'28.01"N    Longitude: 82°02'33.96"E

Std Code :  +91-5252
Time Zone: :  Shravasti (India - Uttar Pradesh)  UTC+5:30 hours
From South East Asia Countries/Taiwan   UTC+8 hours
(2:30 hours faster)


Elevation / Altitude for Event Site:

Approximately 110m from the sea level.

Width elevation - Min 111m, Avg 111m, Max 112m
Length elevation - Min 111m, Avg 111m, Max 112m